Friday, May 12, 2017

Looking for internship...interview tips, or a laugh?

So you’ve made it through midterms (Partially alive)? And now you’re about a month away from summer! Ready for the beach trips and vacations or perhaps you're more interested in landing the job or internship you’ve always wanted? As a student myself I would say that a blend of both would be soothing enough to
keep me alive. Well let me you in a little secret, the Career Center just opened its new center. Didn’t know we exist? It's OK...BE SHOOKED & Come visit out our new center! We are now at the center of campus close within your reach, at the Career Center Plaza (first floor of the bookstore in front of the UNLH Building).  What's new? We now host workshops at our center including resume, cover letter writing, and more! We’re here to provide you with the A team package to help you stay sane on your career journey. From learning how to write an effective and original cover letter, attending the last part-job search/resume writing of the year, along with insights by Enterprise on how to Ace the Interview. Those are all our upcoming events you can check out!

If you're already hit the roadway and landed an interview...
Perhaps you'll be having a phone interview soon and don’t want to risk having any interruptions (like the one below)? Book a conference room with us and we’ll give you a spotless room (not to say your dorm already isn’t)

Or want to get a few quick tips before your interview? Come to our 10 minute drop-In time or book a 30-minute appointment with a counselor. From your primary steps to creating your resume and job searching to landing your interview we are here to help you in your career journey! Let us help you showcase your skills and stop by and visit us! Did I mention our services are FREE?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A job at your doorstep!

Is finding a job for after graduation on your new year's resolutions list? If so put your fees to use and visit the career center! As a third or fourth year college student we understand how hectic it can get from managing upper division courses, extracurricular, midterms, maintaining your health, all while maintaining your sanity. In this uproar we tend to forget that although we are doing everything to get ourselves polished before we graduate, we also have to start looking out for job postings prior to graduation. Having to coordinate everything, wouldn’t you love it if the job came to you? Not having to hassle through traffic or get lost on the way to your interview? Or not having to worry about the anxiety that comes with walking into the work environment.
            Well the Career center is here to help you with coordinating just that! If you are interested in getting a job full time career opportunities after your graduate check out our On-Campus Interview Program (OCI). You can check out who’s coming by logging onto SCOTlink. The OCI program has brought on different employers to campus including: Kohls and Macy’s, the FBI, Kohls, Pepsi, Funds for Public Interests, and more! Positions are usually entry-level in nature and encompass a broad range of functional areas, including but not limited to: Finance, marketing, management, sales, operations, social service, and technology.
So get your career started in just a click by logging on to SCOTjobs for your first interview!

            On Campus Interview

Or come get your resume or cover letter polished! Lastly, check out next our next post with a sneak peek to our new office!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hello Highlanders!

Welcome to the UCR Career Center Blog! Do you ever question what potential career choices you have, how to get there, or what to do? If so visit the Career Center! My name is Rubyd and I am one of the Peer advisors at the Career Center. If you haven’t visited our office before, this blog will serve to give you a taste of what our office does. Primarily we strive to help Highlanders succeed in their process of their career journey. This comes in the form of critiquing your resume, cover letter, mock interviews, and bringing different companies to campus. These are only a few of the insights you will learn about.
A little more about myself: I am third year Sociology major and currently working towards a minor in Public Policy. As a third year I have been able to pick up a few leadership roles across campus including presidency of PODER(Providing opportunities, dreams, education, in Riverside), UCR representative for the UC Undocumented Student Coalition, and member of the Undocumented Student Initiative Committee. To help balance these roles I also like to run and hike. My passion to help others is rooted in what I do and I strongly believe in fighting for justice as many have fought for me to have endless opportunities. Additionally, through my experience in these roles I have learned various leadership skills that have shaped who I am and my potential career. This is my second year as a peer advisor and through my time here I have had the opportunity to learn about what an employer looks for in a potential employee.
In this blog I hope to answer a few of the aching questions you may have and share insights with you from the student perspective! Put your tuition fees to use and visit us!

“Hard work puts you were the good luck can find you.”